Housing as a Platform for Success

Service-enriched housing can make a difference in residents' lives

By providing residents with access to services, SAHF members have shown that service enriched housing offers opportunities to residents that can help them improve their lives, and live independently and with dignity. SAHF is committed to assessing and improving the effectiveness of service enriched housing. SAHF and its members utilize indicators, test and evaluate business models, collect data and measure outcomes to determine what is working and what is not.

SAHF began the Outcomes Initiative to reinforce and accelerate a fundamental culture and system change at the practitioner, policymaker and investor level. The Outcomes Initiative creates a common framework for members to demonstrate the impact on residents of stable affordable homes and other services in four areas. 

Our 2020 Report, “The Impact of Home: Building to Opportunity, Health & Equity,” highlights the results of five years of data collection and the impact that SAHF members are having on resident lives.

Tools for Service-Enriched Housing

**UPDATED** One Page Framework for a System of Resident Services Coordination (2021)

**UPDATED** Complete Framework and Guidelines for a System of Resident Services Coordination (2021)

SAHF's Outcomes Measures

SAHF Analysis of 2019 QAPs -- Thresholds, Set Asides, and Incentives for Supportive Services, Service-Enriched, and Special Needs Housing