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Photo Credit: Preservation of Affordable Housing (POAH)

Home is the cornerstone of our identities and our well-being. With a stable home, people can access what they need to flourish, but decades of underinvestment and inequitable policies have made that stable home harder to come by.  SAHF and its members have long recognized the value of quality affordable rental homes, especially when enriched with services, in supporting health and wellness, economic mobility, increased opportunity and an improved quality of life for residents. In late 2013, with support from the Kresge Foundation, SAHF launched the Outcomes Initiative to begin collecting data on the impact of service-enriched affordable housing from its members. Our 2020 Report, “The Impact of Home: Building to Opportunity, Health & Equity,” highlights the results of five years of data collection and the impact that SAHF members are having on resident lives.

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                                                                                                                         This report is an update on our 2018 web-based report: “Building on Impact

SAHF members build and operate high-quality, affordable housing in hundreds of communities across the U.S. The map below details the locations of all 2,000 properties:


SAHF member National Housing Trust (NHT)’s Where Will We Live campaign captures the stories and voices of people living in affordable housing. Here are selected videos from this campaign. Find more stories.