Bringing Sustainability Home

Bringing Sustainability Home

Bringing Sustainability Home is a leading national initiative that uniquely deploys the scale, focus, and real-world solutions of the Stewards of Affordable Housing for the Future (SAHF) member network and its partners to create more sustainable, healthy homes for residents. Affordable housing providers, inside and outside the SAHF network, are both encouraged and motivated—through demonstrations of feasibility, savings, and impact—to adopt sustainable and healthy building practices.

What We Do

Bringing Sustainability Home provides practical resources, tools, and step-by-step guides that make it easier for affordable housing practitioners to adopt environmentally sustainable practices. In this space, affordable housing practitioners share learnings and best practices from their on-the-ground experience with green building programs and healthy building strategies. This includes resilient building strategies in response to climate change that directly impact the operations of these communities and the lives of its residents. We partner with key organizations—including Energy Efficiency for All and the Healthy Building Network—to create opportunities for the energy, affordable housing, and health industries to collaborate to ensure sustainable, equitable outcomes for residents.

How We Do It

Through our Sustainable Homes and Healthy Homes program areas, we employ the following strategies to achieve environmentally sustainable affordable housing:

  • Implement programs on the ground, uncovering what benefits residents and actively seeking resident feedback
  • Improve program design and delivery, sharing real-world solutions to inform developers and operators
  • Integrate proven strategies into management practice, articulating the benefit and impact for owners and residents

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Bringing Sustainability Home